Prices - All prices are wholesale, per item. Prices quoted herein are subject to change without notice. Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

Minimum Orders - Suggested annual opening order minimum is $300. Reorder minimum is $100. Orders under $100 are subject to a $7.50 handling charge. Gallerie II reserves the right to round quantities to the nearest minimum inner pack or master pack.

Terms of Sale - Net 30 days, subject to credit approval. A 1.5% service charge will be added to all past due accounts. Gallerie II accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Gallerie II will accept COD with a 25% deposit for new accounts. FOB Newport News, VA.

Shipping - Shipments are sent by UPS, FedEx, or truck. Shipments will be sent to either your residence or business location. Customer must indicate the shipping address as residential or business. Drop shipment directly to customers is not an option. Prepaid orders have approximated shipping fees and may be subject to change based on actual shipping charges when order is shipped. If you would like to ship using your own FedEx or UPS account, please include the account information in the order notes section of your order form.

Backorders - Backorders are indicated on your original invoice. Backorders under $25 will be automatically cancelled. Backorders will be shipped if, and when merchandise becomes available.

Merchandise Claims - All claims for defective or damaged merchandise must be made within 10 days of receipt of merchandise. All requests for credit for defective merchandise must be submitted via email to Customer Service. Customer Service will notify you within a timely manner. No merchandise may be destroyed in the field without proper authorization from Customer Service. Refused shipments will be charged a 20% restock fee and the customer will be responsible for the full freight charges (inbound & outbound). No returns will be accepted without authorization from Customer Service.

Errors - Errors in price, packaging, or description which may occur on this website are subject to correction. Measurements are approximate.

Branding and Resale - Any retailer wishing to sell or continue selling C&F Enterprises, Inc. and Gallerie II product on the internet must have written approval by the sales manager, and agrees to abide by C&F internet standards in order to represent our products on the internet. Permission must be received to use any C&F product, logos, photography, brands, product names, or trademarks. Permission will be granted by item or collection.

To request approval please submit URL links to sales@cnfei.com for all applicable websites that use C&F product, images, logos, etc. All web materials and sites must be approved, and will be reviewed regularly.

All retailers selling C&F Enterprises product on the internet must adhere to the C&F internet pricing policy to remain an authorized C&F dealer. This policy states that all dealers and sellers must offer current, non-closeout items at a minimum advertised price not less than 15% off double (or 1.7 times) the regular manufacturer wholesale cost.

Neither coupons nor discounts can bring the price below the minimum pricing standard. Free product promotions bringing the price total below the retail pricing guidelines are also not allowed. If "bundling" groups of product, total MAP still cannot exceed the 15% off maximum discount based on items added together and then discount applied. Shipping charges remain at the discretion of each retail site.

Prices may be rounded down to the nearest .50 or .95, whichever is closer.

If price increases on product are announced by C&F Enterprises or Gallerie II, internet prices should immediately be changed to reflect the current regular wholesale prices. Retailers will be asked to submit lists (in Excel format, by C&F item number or UPC) of all product/photos offered on the internet for approval and for regular review.

Discontinued and items moved to 911 Status (designated to be discontinued when stock is depleted) are exempt from MAP. Discounted items still in the Quilt Catalog (A911 Status) are subject to MAP based on the new lower price.

Internet Policy - Click here to download a copy of Gallerie II’s internet policy.

Correspondence - All orders and correspondence should be sent to:
C&F Enterprises, Inc.
819 Bluecrab Rd.
Newport News, VA 23606